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13 Pop-up Greetings

  • 13 artists in various fields such as illustration, graphics and packaging tried their hand at making pop-up books for this exhibition. The many works in which the imagination expands in the limited flat and three-dimensional space are full of individuality and make for a "toy box." While this was our first attempt , the works took us by surprise and were a fresh breath of air for this area. In addition to the image pop-ups had in Japan, these works can be enjoyed by adults and also viewed as art. A special exhibition was held at the same time for the "Wally Collection," post-19th century European pop-up works which have always been at the forefront in this area. This is a private collection of antique picture books with gimmicks and is part of the approximately 400 works held by Waldo H. Hunt, Chairman of IBI, in Los Angeles.

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  • Exhibition Name

    13 Pop-up Greetings

  • Period

    February 14, 1994–March 09, 1994

  • Exhibition Type

    Traveling exhibition from ggg to ddd

  • Venue

    ddd Dojima, Osaka

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