ddd had been indicated as DDD from its establishment in 1991 until 2004, but this database has adopted the unified notation ddd.


  • The chronology in this site is a reference material for the ddd DATABASE.
  • The chronology compiles information on the following 12 contents: "ddd Events," "World Events," "Graphic Design‘s Events," "JAGDA New Designer Award," "ADC Grand Prix," "TDC Grand Prix," "Media," "Culture," "Japanese Buzzword Award," "Word of the Year," "Hit Items," and "Pop Music. "
  • Some of the events, product names, company names, etc., listed in each category are described by commonly known names, and some are not official names.
  • The "Word of the Year" with (ADS) at the end is published by the American Dialect Society, and ones with (Oxford) at the end is published by Oxford Languages. Oxford Languages' Word of the Year has been listed since 2004.
  • For sources and references for the information listed in each item, please refer to "Sources/References" below.
  • The English indication of "JAGDA New Designer Award," "ADC Grand Prix," and "TDC Grand Prix" are based on the official announcements made by the organizing bodies of the awards.
  • Miho Takagi was in charge of "ddd Events." The other 11 contents were collected and edited by Sakura Nomiyama. All the contents agreed upon by the planning team of the ddd DATABASE are published in the chronology.


World Events

Graphic Design’s Events

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  • Resonance of Vision: Katsui Mitsuo, Mitsuo Katsui, Mitsumura Book Publishing, 2019.
  • MdN, April 2019, Vol. 298, MdN Corporation, 2019.
  • AXIS, Vol. 213, Axis, 2021.

JAGDA New Designer Award

ADC Grand Prix

  • Tokyo Art Directors Club, ADC Yearbook, Bijutsu Shuppansha, 1991-2021.

TDC Grand Prix


  • Reiko Tsuchiya,Chronological Table of Japanese Media History, Yoshikawa Kobunkan, 2017.
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  • Sesou Fuzoku Observatory,Heisei Sesou Fuzoku Shishi Nenpyo, Kawade Shobo Shinsha, 2019.

Japanese Buzzword Award

Word of the Year

Hit Items

Pop Music

Japanese music

Western music