• Name

    ひびの(内藤) こづえ ひびの(ないとう) こづえ HIBINO (NAITO) Kozue

  • Job Title

    Costume Artist

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  • Profile

    Born in Shizuoka Prefecture, Kodue Hibino graduated from the Visual Communications Course of the Design Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music (now the Tokyo University of the Arts) in 1982 and later launched her career as a costume artist in 1988. Hibino has created costumes for many theatrical productions by Hideki Noda, including "Much Ado About Nothing," "A Midsummer Night's Dream," "Egg," and "MIWA," and "Tomeiningen no Yuge," a work that Noda crafted with Yume no Yuminsha. Hibino's credits also include projects for magazines, posters, and TV commercials, including spots for Suntory Boss Silky Black, Kagome Yasai Ichinichi Kore Ippon, Lotte Karin throat lozenges, as well as dance performances, films, album covers, and music videos for artists such as Hikaru Utada, Dreams Come True, Ai Otsuka, Yuzu, and Yo Hitoto. A truly versatile artist, Hibino embodies a unique perspective on costume creation that ventures outside the traditional scope of fashion design. In 1997, she changed her artist name from Kodue Naito to Kodue Hibino. Since 2003, Hibino has been making character costumes and miniature sets for nursery rhyme segments on "Nihongo de Asobo," a program on NHK Educational TV (E-Tele), as the show's director of costuming and set design. She also handled costumes and sets for "Karada de Asobo," another program on E-Tele, from 2004 until the end of the show's run in 2009.

    Major awards 1984: Encouragement Prize at the Japan Graphic Exhibition 1989: Annual New Artist Award at the Japan Graphic Exhibition 1992: Avon Art Award at the Avon Awards to Women 1995: New Artist Award and the Shiseido Encouragement Award at the Mainichi Fashion Grand Prix 2006: Takashima Art Award from the Takashimaya Culture Foundation

    Source: ggg HP Exhibition Archive "Binokodu Cells: Kodue Hibino + "Nihongo de Asobo" (2014)