• World Events

    Russia invades Chechnya. The WTO is established. Nelson Mandela becomes president of South Africa. Record-breaking heat waves cause water shortages in Japan. The Matsumoto Sarin gas attack occurs. In April, Tsutomu Hata becomes the 80th Prime Minister, and in June, Tomiichi Murayama becomes the 81st Prime Minister.

  • Graphic Design's Events

    Suntory Museum in Tempozan opens in Osaka City as an art museum with a collection consisting mainly of posters. Masuteru Aoba creates the first official poster for the Nagano Olympics. Poster still retains its power as a communication medium to attract interest. The name "The Designers Republic" (U.K.), which produces many graphics for the techno label Warp Records, becomes well known in Japan.

  • JAGDA New Designer Award

    Yuko Araki(b.1965) Toyotsugu Ito(b.1958) Tatsuo Ebina(b.1960)

  • ADC Grand Prix

    Newspaper Advertisement, Beneton Japan K.K

  • TDC Grand Prix

    Presented as 94-95. Please see 1995

  • Media

    Yahoo and Amazon.com are established in the United States. The Prime Minister's Office website is launched. Books on multimedia become popular. The Sega Saturn video game console is launched. Kenzaburo Oe is awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature and his works become very popular.

  • Culture

    Pagers are at the height of their popularity as a communication tool. The term "yanmama," referring to young, juvenile delinquent mothers, comes into common usage. Japanese pop rock band "Mister Children" wins the Grand Prix at the Japan Record Awards, and TM NETWORK, of which Tetsuya Komuro is a member, disbands. Feminine male fashion becomes popular.

  • Japanese Buzzword Award

    Suttamonda ga arimashita (There was a great deal of fuss) (actress Rie Miyazawa)

  • Word of the Year


  • Hit Items

    Car navigation systems, water (mineral water), cell phones

  • Pop Music

    Japanese music Mr.Children: "innocent world" Miho Nakayama: “Tada Nakitaku Naruno" (I Just Feel Like I Wan to Cry) Miwako Fujitani / Yoshiaki Ouchi: “Ai ga Umareta Hi" (The Day Love Was Born) Kenji Ozawa: “Lovely"

    Western music Green Day: "Basket Case" Ace of Base: "The Sign” Prince: "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World" Madonna: "I'll Remember"

Exhibitions in 1994