• In January, DNP Gallery is established to present ddd's activities on the internet.

  • World Events

    France and China conduct nuclear tests. Vietnam normalizes diplomatic relations with the United States. A series of disasters and incidents rocks Japan, including the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, the Sarin gas attack on the subway in Tokyo, and the sodium leak at the Monju fast-breeder reactor.

  • Graphic Design's Events

    Tokyo Designers Space, which has been holding exhibitions in Roppongi, closes. Photoshop 3.0J is released. The layering function is introduced for the first time. David Carson releases "The End of Print," a collection of his works. The programming language JavaScript is introduced, expanding the possibilities for interactive expression on the Web.

  • JAGDA New Designer Award

    Takafumi Kusagaya(b.1963) Mamoru Suzuki(b.1956) Osamu Fukushima(b.1958) Yoshie Watanabe(b.1961)

  • ADC Grand Prix

    BA-TSU Co., Ltd. Poster

  • TDC Grand Prix

    Masayoshi Nakajo, Masaaki Izumiya, Jun Maki THE CHOICE Award Exhibition

  • Media

    Microsoft releases the first version of its Internet Explorer web browser. The internet finally becomes widely available, as demonstrated by, among other things, people using it for such purposes as confirming the whereabouts of others during the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake. The anime TV series "Neon Genesis EVANGELION" begins airing. The manga "Dragon Ball” reaches its conclusion. The game "Wipeout" (PlayStation®) is released.

  • Culture

    The Komuro family, led by Tetsuya Komuro, becomes big in the music industry. Nomo becomes a major success in Major League Baseball, and Ichiro becomes popular in Japan. Sumo wrestler brothers Wakanohana and Takanohana face off against each other. The bare midriff look becomes popular.

  • Japanese Buzzword Award

    Muto-ha (independent) (Governor of Tokyo Yukio Aoshima)

  • Word of the Year

    World Wide Web/newt(ADS)

  • Hit Items

    PlayStation (game console), seismically isolated apartments, PHS

  • Pop Music

    Japanese music Tomomi Kahara: "I Believe" TRF: "Overnight Sensation" (TRF) DREAMS COME TRUE: "Love Love Love" EAST END x YURI: "DA・YO・NE"

    Western music Coolio feat. L.V.: "Gangsta's Paradise" Shaggy: “Boombastic" Montell Jordan: "This Is How We Do It" Real McCoy: "Another Night" Oasis: "Wonderwall"

Exhibitions in 1995