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Peret Torrent Exhibition

  • Spain had given us many world-famous artists such as Gaudi, Miro, Picasso and Dali. The works of Peret Trent, the illustrator and versatile designer who was born and raised in that land and represents modern Spain, were assembled. Through the exhibition, that had three areas with three themes, "Shouts, Words, Whispers," the artist's spirit, that is always fixed on "what communication ought to be and what it actually is" from a political, cultural and lyrical point of view, stands out.

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  • Exhibition Name

    Peret Torrent Exhibition

  • Period

    October 26, 1995–November 24, 1995

  • Exhibition Type

    ddd exhibition

  • Venue

    ddd Dojima, Osaka

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  • Gallery Talk ”Screams, Words, Whispers”


Photographer: OKUWAKI Koichi

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