SUGISAKI Shinnoske


  • Name

    杉崎 真之助 すぎさき しんのすけ SUGISAKI Shinnoske

  • Job Title

    Graphic Designer

  • Birth

    January 01, 1953

  • Area


  • Profile

    Sees design as the construction of information and the planning of impressions, with the ultimate goal of clear and effective communication. Works on everything from branding to space graphics. Professor at Osaka University of Arts, Creative director of Shinnoske Design, member of AGI.

    Source: "ddd DATABASE" Handout (2022)

    Shinnosuke Sugisaki was born in Nara Prefecture. In 1975, he graduated the Osaka University of Arts, and established his own design office in 1986. His designs as the construction of information and the design of impressions, and he aims for the realization of lucid, high-quality communication.

    Source: "Graphic Art & Design Annual 08-09"