平成31年 / 令和元年

  • The 220th exhibition "TAMON YAHAGI—engawa: the open book veranda" travels to Manabinomori Nonoichi Kaleid (Learning Forest Nonoichi Kaleid) in September.

  • World Events

    Democracy demonstrations continue in Hong Kong against the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance amendment bill. This year marks the first year of the Reiwa era. His Imperial Highness Crown Prince Naruhito accedes to the throne as the 126th Emperor of Japan on May 1. Thirty-six people die in the Kyoto Animation Arson Incident. The consumption tax is raised to 10%. Shuri Castle in Okinawa is destroyed by fire.

  • Graphic Design's Events

    Sports pictograms for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games developed by Masaaki Hiromura and others are announced. The magazine "MdN" ceases publication. The "Brno International Biennial of Graphic Design" is canceled after 2020, and the "What about: 29th Brno International Biennial of Graphic Design 2020" is held under the auspices of the IDEA editorial department. Solo exhibitions by Yui Takada and Norio Nakamura are held at Jingren's Paperlogue in Beijing. Keisei Shirai's solo exhibition is held at the China International Design Museum. Yoshiaki Irobe receives the 21st Yusaku Kamekura Design Award. Makoto Wada (b. 1936) and Wim Crowell (b. 1928) pass away.

  • JAGDA New Designer Award

    Natsuki Akanuma(b.1990) Tomohiro Okazaki(b.1981) Ikki Kobayashi(b.1992)

  • ADC Grand Prix

    Posters, General Graphic / “Comme des Garçons Seigen Ono” / Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd.

  • TDC Grand Prix

    Michael Kelly VR

  • Media

    The movie "Bohemian Rhapsody" continues to be a big hit from the end of the previous year. The cashless rebate program starts, and the use of PayPay and LINE Pay, etc. expands. Netflix's original dramas perform well, and “Ai no Fujichaku” (Crash Landing on You) becomes popular.

  • Culture

    The Rugby World Cup is held in Japan, and rugby fever intensifies. Ichiro of the Mariners announces his retirement. Shibuya Parco reopens. Products from Workman, a work clothes specialty store, become a big hit. Arashi takes a hiatus at the end of the year. Johnny Kitagawa (b. 1931), president of Johnny's Office, passes away.

  • Japanese Buzzword Award

    ONE TEAM (Japan national rugby team)

  • Word of the Year

    CLIMATE EMERGENCY (my) pronouns(ADS)

  • Hit Items

    Handy fans, Tapioca

  • Pop Music

    Japanese music Foorin: “Paprika" Aimyon: “Marigold" Official Higa Dandism: “Pretender" LiSA: “Gurenge" (Red Lotus) King Gnu: “Hakujitsu” (Broad Daylight)

    Western music Billie Eilish: "Bad Guy" Post Malone: “Circles" Jonas Brothers: "Sucker"

Exhibitions in 2019