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Mevis &VanDeursen Exhibition

  • Only one huge table in the hall of exhibition. On the table, a huge number of works were displayed including posters; book designs they specialize in for exhibition catalogs, collected art work and magazines; as well as pamphlets, CD jackets, and postcards overlapping in several layers. They were arranged one by one by Armand Mevis himself as though reconstructing past works for a unique exhibition that itself became a new work.

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  • Exhibition Name

    Mevis &VanDeursen Exhibition

  • Period

    April 21, 2005–May 24, 2005

  • Exhibition Type

    ddd exhibition

  • Venue

    ddd Dojima, Osaka

  • Featured Designers

  • Poster Designers

  • April 21, 2005
    Gallery Talk
    9F Conference Room, Dojima Axis Building


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