• Name

    野田 凪 のだ なぎ NODA Nagi

  • Company Name

    宇宙カントリー うちゅうかんとりー

  • Job Title

    Graphic Designer

  • Birth

    November 18, 1973

  • Death

    September 07, 2008

  • Area


  • Profile

    She is the president of the Uchu Country design group, and affiliated internationally with the Partizan production group in Los Angels. In 2006 she will turn her hand to directing the Coca-Cola worldwide advertising campaign. She is the creator of advertisements for Laforet, Nike, Suntory Latte Latte milk coffee, and the opening titles for "Honey and Clover," as well as CD jackets and music videos for musicians such as YUKI, Hikaru Utada, and overseas artists. Her wide-ranging activities encompass advertising campaigns, short films, graphic design, product design, clothing design, package design and even editorial design. Recently she has also been involved in fine art exhibitions and installations. She created the hanpandas. Numerous awards include the Tokyo TDC Award, the Tokyo ADC Award, the New York Festival Silver Award, and Gold and Silver Awards from the New York ADC.

    Source: "2006 GRAPHIC DESIGN ANNUAL DNP ginza graphic gallery ・ddd gallery"

    Born in Tokyo. Moved to New York, USA in 1983 and returned to Japan in 1987. After working at I&S, Onuki Design, SUN-AD, founded Uchu Country in 2003. She is a member of Tokyo TDC and JAGDA.

    Source: "2003 GRAPHIC DESIGN ANNUAL DNP ginza graphic gallery ・ddd gallery"