SATO Kashiwa


  • Name

    佐藤 可士和 さとう かしわ SATO Kashiwa

  • Company Name


  • Job Title

    Art Director, Creative Director

  • Birth

    February 11, 1965

  • Area


  • Profile

    Born in Tokyo. Received a degree in graphic design from Tama Art University in 1989 and joined Hakuhodo that same year. While working at the advertising agency, he handled everything from product development an CI design to packaging, shop and advertising promotional campaigns. In May 2000, he left Hakuhodo and founded the creative studio, Samurai. He has continued to demonstrate new possibilities in art direction without being constrained by existing paradigms. His main awards include the Tokyo ADC Grand Prize, Yusaku Kamekura Award and the New York Festival Silver Prize. at present he is working as a creative director on corporate identity projects and kindergarten renovations, and doing brand development and product designs for cosmetic firms. The projects demonstrate his ability to work as an art director in multiple fields without being constrained by the traditional boundaries separating them.

    Source: "2005 GRAPHIC DESIGN ANNUAL DNP ginza graphic gallery・ddd gallery"