KAN Tai-Keung


  • Name

    カン タイキュン KAN Tai-Keung

  • Birth


  • Area

    Hong Kong

  • Profile

    Born in China. He Studied design in Hong Kong and was the first designer to be chosen as one of "10 Outstanding Youths in 1979" and the "Representative of the 90's." He established Kan Tai-Keung Design and Associates.

    Source: "ginza graphic gallery 1993"

    Born in China. After emigration to Hong Kong, he studied design in the Applied Design Faculty of the Hong Kong Chinese University. He is currently the creative director of Kan Tai-keung Design and Associates.

    Source: "ginza graphic gallery 1995"

    Born in China. He studied in the Applied Design course at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. In 1976, he founded his own design company. He has won many local and international awards. He is one of Hong Kong's leading prominent designers and a well known painter in Chinese ink.

    Source: ”2003 GRAPHIC DESIGN ANNUAL DNP ginza graphic gallery ・ddd gallery”