Freeman LAU


  • Name

    フリーマン ラウ Freeman LAU

  • Job Title

    Art Director

  • Birth

    January 01, 1958

  • Area

    Hong Kong

  • Profile

    Born in Hong Kong. After graduating from the Hong Kong Polytechnic in 1981, he joined SS Design and Production. He established Freeman Lau Design and Associates in 1989 and at the same time became chief art director for Kan Tai-Keung Design and Associates.

    Source: "ginza graphic galllery 1993"

    Born in Hong Kong. He graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic (a specialized school for comprehensive technology), He is the art director of the Kan Tai-keung Design and Associates. From 1994 to 1995, he has been the chairman of the Hong Kong Designers Association.

    Source: "ginza graphic gallery 1995"

    Born in Hong Kong. He studied at Hong Kong Polytechnic, and joined SS Design & Production in 1982, becoming Art Director in 1985. In 1988 he was invited by Kan Tai-Keung to join his company, the name of which was changed to Kan & Lau Design Consultants in 1996 to include Freeman's name. He is presently a partner in the company. He served as chairman of the Hong Kong Design Association from 1994 to 95. One of his main concerns in education and art development in Hong Kong.

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