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    大日本タイポ組合 だいにっぽんたいぽくみあい Dainippon Type Organication

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    Formed by Hidechika and Tetsuya Tsukada in 1993, Dainippon Type Organization is an experimental typography group that seeks new concepts in type design by disarticulating, combining and reconfiguring the existing written components of Japanese characters and kana, alphabet letters, etc. They have held their own exhibitions in London, Barcelona and Tokyo, and participated in group exhibitions worldwide. In 2012, together with Masahiko Furukata they mounted the exhibition “Design a Letter Yourself, with Algorithmic Thinking!” at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Tokyo. In 2013, they received a Tokyo Type Directors Club (TDC) Award for their research and development, in collaboration with Yokokaku (as the Shinsekai Type Study Group), of "New" kana written horizontally. In October 2014, they launched type.center, a website "of letters, by letters, and for letters." Their major publications are "TYPE CARD PLAY BOOK" (ACTAR) and "Dainipponji" (Seibundo Shinkosha).

    Source: ggg HP Exhibition Archive "dʒi dʒi dʒi Dainippon Type Organization" (2015)