• World Events

    The Iraq War breaks out. Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein is taken into custody. Bombings by Islamic extremists occur frequently in various parts of the world. A new type of pneumonia (SARS) breaks out, mainly in China. Decision made to dispatch the Self-Defense Forces to Iraq, causing unrest to spread in Japan.

  • Graphic Design's Events

    "The International Council of Graphic Design Associations / VISUALOGUE" is held in Nagoya, Japan. Kenya Hara publishes "Designing Design" and attempts to redefine design based on his own activities. "Ikko Tanaka: A Retrospective—Era of Our Design" is held at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo and the Suntory Museum of Art (2004). Jonathan Barnbrook is in charge of corporate identity for Roppongi Hills and visual identity for Mori Arts Center Gallery. Masayoshi Nakajo receives the 5th Yusaku Kamekura Design Award.

  • JAGDA New Designer Award

    Masahiro Kakinohara(b.1970) Noriaki Hayashi(b.1964) Manabu Mizuno(b.1972)

  • ADC Grand Prix

    Poster, Newspaper Ad., Magasine Ad., Graphic Design

  • TDC Grand Prix

    Why Not Associates + Gordon Young A Flock of Words

  • Media

    MySpace, a social networking service, is established. Skype, a service that allows users to call each other over the internet for free, is launched, making international calls much more accessible.

  • Culture

    Roppongi Hills opens. Sumo wrestler Takanohana retires. Asashoryu becomes the first Mongolian yokozuna (highest ranked sumo wrestler). Digital terrestrial broadcasting begins. A boom in miscellaneous knowledge from TV programs begins. Eyelash extensions and perms become popular, and eyelash makeup becomes more diversified. “Rilakkuma,” a fictional character, becomes popular.

  • Japanese Buzzword Award

    Doku manju (poison bun) (former member of the House of Representatives Hiromu Nonaka)

  • Word of the Year


  • Hit Items

    Healthya Green Tea (beverage), Prius (automobile), Nissin GooTa (retort pouch food)

  • Pop Music

    Japanese music Yo Hitoto: “Morainaki" Mika Nakashima: "Yuki no Hana" 175R: "Sora ni Utaeba" EXILE: "Choo Choo TRAIN"

    Western music 50 Cent: "In da Club" Sean Paul: "Get Busy" Justin Timberlake:"Rock Your Body" Black Eyed Peas: "Where Is the Love?"

Exhibitions in 2003