• The "GLOBAL Exhibition" is held in December to commemorate the 6th anniversary of the opening of the ddd gallery.

  • World Events

    The United Kingdom returns Hong Kong to China. Princess Diana, the former Princess of Wales, dies in a car accident. The consumption tax hike to 5% affects domestic consumption. A junior high school student is arrested for the murder of an elementary school student in Kobe. The Container and Packaging Recycling Law is enacted. 25th anniversary of the reversion of Okinawa to Japan.

  • Graphic Design's Events

    A design by Shigeo Fukuda, a leading figure in the field of design, is adopted for the Lisbon Expo/Expo'98 Pictogram design. Meanwhile, design magazines such as "design plex" and "+81" are launched, signaling the dawn of a new era. OpenType version 1.0 is released. Ryuichi Yamashiro (b. 1920) and Yusaku Kamekura (b. 1915) pass away.

  • JAGDA New Designer Award

    Hiroki Taniguchi(b.1957) Hiroaki Nagai(b.1957) Kei Matsushita(b.1961)

  • ADC Grand Prix

    NIKE JAPAN Corp. Television Commercial

  • TDC Grand Prix

    Fumio Tachibana Gekkado Poet Title *presented as year 96-97

  • Media


  • Culture

    Tamagotchi, a hand-held digital pet, becomes very popular. Portable MDs and supplement drinks become widely consumed. The hybrid car Prius goes on sale. Elementary and junior high school aged female celebrities, known as "junior idols," or “chidol" (child idols), often appears on TV and magazines.

  • Japanese Buzzword Award

    Shitsurakuen suru (To have an affair. Taken from the title of a novel by Junichi Watanabe, starring actress Hitomi Kuroki in the film version.)

  • Word of the Year

    millennium bug(ADS)

  • Hit Items

    High-resolution digital cameras, frequent flyer program for domestic flights

  • Pop Music

    Japanese music GLAY: “HOWEVER" SHAZNA: "Melty Love" Namie Amuro: "Can You Celebrate?” Ryoko Hirosue: “Daisuki!" (I Love You!)

    Western music Puff Daddy feat. Faith Evans & 112: "I'll Be Missing You" Spice Girls: “Wannabe" Hanson: "MMMBop Celine Dion: "My Heart Will Go On"

Exhibitions in 1997