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Bruno Oldani Exhibition

  • Bruno Ordani was born in Switzerland and since 1958, he continued to be active for about 50 years in Oslo, the Norwegian capital. In the Norwegian design milieu he is known as its leading designer. This exhibition displayed the design project of the shuttle train to and from Oslo Airport (a collaborative works) and the commemorative stamps he designed for the 1994 Lillehammer Olympics. We introduced his activities which encompass a wide array of fields including posters, record jackets and editorials in addition to corporate identity, packaging and project designs.

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  • Exhibition Name

    Bruno Oldani Exhibition

  • Period

    April 20, 2006–May 23, 2006

  • Exhibition Type

    ddd exhibition

  • Venue

    ddd Dojima, Osaka

  • Featured Designers

  • Poster Designers

  • April 20, 2006
    Gallery Talk
    1F, Dojima Axis Building


Photographer: OKUWAKI Koichi

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