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    コントラプンクト こんとらぷんくと Kontrapunkt

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  • Area

    Denmark, Japan

  • Profile

    Kontrapunkt is Scandinavia’s leading design agency. We create identities and experiences that moves people and have an impact on the world. For more than 30 years we have developed strong identities for international organisations across three continents. Through decades, our quintessential designs and brand experiences have moved organisations and people forward. At Kontrapunkt, we specialise in creating custom-made corporate identities that help international brands grow. In a global reality, organisations need a tool that ensures a consistent brand experience, creates coherence between mother and products brands, and bridges Asian and Western brand expressions.

    Source: ddd HP Exhibition Archive "Kontrapunkt Type”

    Founded in 1985, the design company is famous for the work it has done for Danish government ministries and public institutions, such as Post Denmark, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Culture, Royal Museum of Fine Arts, and the Royal Library. The company has also created designs for global corporations, including Novo Nordisk, Tele Denmark,, and The Lego Group. The company is headed by Bo Linnemann and Kim Meyer Andersen.

    Source: "ginza graphic gallery 2001"

  • https://type.kontrapunkt.com/