NAGAI Hiroaki


  • Name

    永井 裕明 ながい ひろあき NAGAI Hiroaki

  • Company Name

    N.G.inc エヌ・ジー N.G.inc

  • Job Title

    Art Director

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  • Profile

    Born in Tokyo. Graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan Kogei High School, where he studied design. After working for Breakfast Inc., established N.G. Inc. in 1989. Member of Tokyo ADC, Tokyo TDC and JAGDA.

    • Major Work Art direction of CI and graphic advertising for Sagawa Express Co., Ltd.; graphic advertising for The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.’s PRGR and ADVAN products; graphic advertising for California Travel and Tourism Commission; advertising for Wakayama Prefecture tourism campaign; graphic advertising for Suntory’s “Yamazaki” and “Zen” products; design of posters and publicity tools for exhibitions on Picasso, Paul Klee and Morris Louis at Kawamura Memorial DIC Museum of Art; design of posters and publicity tools for Jan Fabre exhibition (“Angels and Warriors”) and “Chat @ the MIMOCA” at Marugame Genichiro-Inokuma Museum of Contemporary Art; development of CI/VI and corporate advertising for Kyowa Hakko Kirin Co., Ltd.; photo book design and exhibition direction for Louis Vuitton; design and art direction of “Sogetsu” quarterly magazine; etc.

    • Solo Exhibitions “JAGDA New Designer Award Exhibition” (Creation Gallery G8, 1997); “Blanc blanc blanc” (HB Gallery, 2004); “Hiroaki Nagai Art Direction Exhibition” (Junshin Gallery at Tokyo Junshin Women’s College, 2007); “GRAPHIC TRIAL 2008” (P&P Gallery at Printing Museum, Tokyo, 2008); “Sou-Tei-Gai” (Morioka Shoten, 2012); etc.

    • Major Awards 1995 New York ADC “Gold Award” (for Katsuhiro Ichikawa photo book “Egonoki”); 1997 JAGDA New Designer Award; 1997 East Japan Railway Company Poster Grand Prix “Gold Award” (for Wakayama Prefecture promotional campaign); 2000 Tokyo ADC Award (for Kinokuniya Honzaemon); 2001 “Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Prize” at All Japan Catalogue and Poster Fair (for Jan Fabre graphics); 2002 Hong Kong Design Show “Gold Award” (for Jan Fabre poster and photo book “Unbalance”); 2006 Tokyo ADC Award (for “Utsubo Moon”); 2009 “Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Prize” at Japan Book Design Contest (for photo book “TORSO”); 2009 “Silver Prize” at International Poster Triennial in Toyama (for “Paul Klee”); 2012 JAGDA Award (for Louis Vuitton Forest Photo Exhibition); 2012 Design For Asia “Gold Award” (for Louis Vuitton Forest Box); etc.

    Source: ddd HP Exhibition Archive "Nagai Hiroaki Exhibition” (2015)