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Collaborative Exhibition by kyoto ddd gallery and Seian University of Art and Design “.communication”

  • Since relocating from Osaka to Kyoto, ddd has deepened its ties with educational institutions and research organizations in a quest to convey the appeal of graphic design to the younger generation and to reexamine the history of design itself. This was the third special exhibition held in collaboration with a university in conjunction with these new developments. The participants were students, former students and instructors of the Graphic Design Course, Media Design Department, Faculty of Art of Seian University of Art and Design. Today, we are all surrounded by vast volumes of information, so vast that it is impossible for us to take in and understand everything in its entirety. If we were to take a given item of information and compare it to a tree, to understand that tree some people would reach for its leaves, others for its branches, and still others for its fruit. Since the information each would gain would differ in both quantity and quality, gaps of all kinds would likely result. Attempts to bridge those gaps, or admitting that gaps exist, are acts of communication. This exhibition, titled ".communication," was an attempt, by connecting the "dots" of communication representing the various perspectives of the students of communication design, to uncover, through artworks, the various gaps that exist between things, people and situations.

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  • Exhibition Name

    Collaborative Exhibition by kyoto ddd gallery and Seian University of Art and Design “.communication”

  • Period

    November 13, 2017–November 28, 2017

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    ddd exhibition

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    ddd Uzumasa, Kyoto

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  • November 18, 2017
    party.communication / students.communication
    kyoto ddd gallery

      At this exhibition where students, alumni and teachers, approaching each other on equal terms, showed works from diverse perspectives relating to the shared theme of "communication gaps," a dot(.) was prefixed to "communication" to express their viewpoint. party.communication, held in the form of two parties, involved the creation of a setting for communication involving exhibition visitors. In the first, the exhibitors brought along special food items from their respective places of birth and gave presentations touching on their personal roots. In the second, they collaborated with a catering service and, using products of their respective home regions, the presented beautiful hors d'oeuvres like artworks, designing a space for food and communication. In addition, under the name "students.communication, " throughout the exhibition period three students, during their free time, were on hand at the gallery to explain the works on display to visitors, fostering dialogue with visitors.


    Photographer: MAEDA Kinichi

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