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Takeshi Kojima: One Dream

  • Kouga Hirano, in sorting through this vast collection in preparation for this exhibition, says that he was drawn especially to the liveliness of Kojimaʼs caricatures and the brilliance of his hand-drawn lettering. For this exhibition, his works were displayed through slide projection and as images viewed on light boxes. Visitors were also introduced to his various unique creative processes, for example: how he drew a particular motif in repetition and combined them with different backgrounds; and how he created multiple pencil drawings and overlapped them to achieve a progressively deeper black color.

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    Takeshi Kojima: One Dream

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    July 24, 2021–September 25, 2021

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    ddd exhibition

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    ddd Uzumasa, Kyoto

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    Kimiko Hirano, who was in charge of the planning and supervision of this exhibition, spoke about what makes Takeshi Kojima’s works so appealing. Mr. Kojima was an illustrator who continued to create a vast volume of works straight up until his death at the age of 69, and yet he did not have one definitive style but rather produced works of great diversity. Kojima’s “Sayonara” series, in which, like the flow of the wind, points become lines, and lines become surfaces, were used to illustrate a book by playwright Minoru Betsuyaku. The cover features a brilliant red of the kind only Kojima could create. Takeshi Kojima is also remarkable for his unique production method in which, in the days before computers, he made abundant use of pencils and copy paper. Illustrations made by that method were used in “Musashino Amarcord,” a serialized feature of the Japanese edition of "Esquire" magazine that commenced in 1992. Kojima also provided the illustrations for numerous novels by Kotaro Sawaki, with book design performed by Kouga Hirano. Among them, there is one featuring an illustration by Mr. Kojima of an airplane taking off, viewed from the rear. It is the only illustration for which the original drawing has yet to be located, and Ms. Hirano expressed her strong hope that this work will be found. She closed with the hope that many people will come to see Takeshi Kojima’s works firsthand at this exhibition of unprecedented scale, to get to know what makes his works so appealing.

    小島武展 夢ひとつ


Photographer: YOSHIDA Akihito

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