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Graphics and Music

  • Ever since graphic design as we know it today was born in the 19th century, it has had influences on music, and vice versa. Throughout this time, graphic designers have given visual form to the characteristics unique to various musical genres. They not only create publicity posters for musical events or design record or CO jackets on a commercial basis; they also create, of their own initiative, works inspired by musicians or musical works, demonstrating originality in the varied ways they seek to express a musical image. This exhibition, which had originally been mounted at CCGA, featured posters in the permanent collection of the DNP Foundation for Cultural Promotion that are in some way related to music. It introduced works born from a blend of the auditory and visual realms, providing insight into how graphic designers strive to express music.

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  • Exhibition Name

    Graphics and Music

  • Period

    January 20, 2017–March 18, 2017

  • Exhibition Type

    Traveling exhibition from CCGA to ddd

  • Venue

    ddd Uzumasa, Kyoto

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  • January 29, 2017
    Gallery Tour & Mini-Concert
    kyoto ddd gallery

    A gallery tour was led by Mr. Kamiyama, Assistant Director of CCGA, who was in charge of curation for this traveling exhibition. He described how today's graphic design came about with the mergence of mass society in the 19th century when, together with the Art Nouveau movement espoused by the liked of Toulouse-Lautrec and Mucha, posters were created for venues of musical entertainment such as theaters and music halls. For the major works from each display category-classic music, ethnic music, popular music, jazz, etc.-information was provided that cannot be gleaned simply by looking at the works: for example, the background to their creation, techniques used, special characteristics, etc. In addition, a mini-concert was held featuring two violin players from Kyoto City University of Arts' Career Design Center, playing pieces selected to match the display categories.


Photographer: YOSHIDA Akihito

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