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Osaka Pop Exhibition

  • ”These are the best works from the past ten years or so. Hope you’ll drop by." This introduced best works from Osaka. Osaka works that were talked about from the decade of the 1990's including TV commercials, posters, newspaper ads and corporate posters were collected with the cooperation Kansai Dentsu Inc. The overabundant exhibits on a wall especially put up were very effective drawing visitors from many walks of life.

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  • Exhibition Name

    Osaka Pop Exhibition

  • Period

    April 07, 2000–May 11, 2000

  • Exhibition Type

    Traveling exhibition from ddd to ggg

  • Venue

    ddd Dojima, Osaka

  • Featured Designers

  • Poster Designers

  • April 07, 2000
    Gallery Talk
    10F Conference Room, Dojima Axis Building


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