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Kari Piippo Exhibition: Simple, Strong, and Sharp

  • Finnish graphics are getting worldwide attention. Kari Piippo is one of their representative designers. There are only 2 or 3 colors but their sensual tones seduce viewers and never deceive them. By brilliantly suppressing them, they are cleverly emphasized. The many works exhibited bring home his philosophy that "a good poster is simple, strong and sharp." 48 works including poster designs and works for theaters and cultural events were shown.

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    Kari Piippo Exhibition: Simple, Strong, and Sharp

  • Period

    June 24, 1996–July 17, 1996

  • Exhibition Type

    ddd exhibition

  • Venue

    ddd Dojima, Osaka

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  • Poster Designers

  • June 24, 1996
    Gallery Talk ”The Art of Scarcity”

    He began his talk with slides showing his home and studio in Mikkeli, the town he currently lives in Finland. In introducing his last work he said, "nothing unnecessary is included but everything necessary is included." The hall was filled with great applause.


Photographer: OKUWAKI Koichi

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